Keyur Patel

Keyur is one of the most dynamic visionaries in the digital realm. Over the past 15 years he has developed the strategy for and founded half a dozen digital media companies. He led the turnarounds for such brands as Inktomi and Maxtor, and incubated, hatched and ran a number of successful companies including Brience, Metrius, Webvibe, Phoenix Software and Fabrik.

He is a Managing Partner of the firm and has led its foray into digital media and opened new horizons for investing in his homeland of India. He is regarded as one of the foremost digital media experts within India, which gives the firm a unique position in this emerging market. He is also long time TV and Film investor in media industry.

Among his successes as a serial entrepreneur, at Maxtor, he led the creation of the company's "OneTouch" product that has become a major staple in storage appliances for the consumer market and created a multi-billion dollar consumer storage segment. Before Maxtor, he led Strategy, Marketing and Technology at Inktomi Corporation. There, he was instrumental in redirecting the company's strategy, which ultimately led to its acquisition by Yahoo! in 2003. Keyur has also served as Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of KPMG Consulting Worldwide and CEO of KPMG Internet Business, and Managing Director of the PriceWaterhouse. Keyur has been an angel investor in several film and media projects and has executive produced Hollywood and Bollywood films over the past several years. Keyur is also Chairman and CEO of Fuse+Media, a leading investment and production firm in Film and Television. Keyur also acts as an International Board member of one of the largest media school in Asia.

Keyur holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Michigan Technological University and a BS in Computers and Communication from the Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, India. He is also a co-author of the book "Digital Transformation."

Current Board Positions and Representative Prior Investments: NDTV Networks, India TV, Generate, and Fuse+Media